As a brand focused on product development through sharp competition; we’re always on the lookout for strong teams and athletes to help us push the limits of our equipment even further.

If you think you’re an exceptional athlete or you represent a team competing on the international level, then get in touch with us.

Current Sponsorships

We currently sponsor a broad range of road bike racing teams.

EF-NIPPO Development Team

(UCI Continental Team)

The EF-Nippo Development Team is the feeder team to the World Tour EF Education Easypost team. With the goal of spotting and nurturing young talent the team races at the continental level all over the world.

St George Continental Cycling Team

(UCI Continental Team)

The St George Continental Cycling Team is a professional team based out of Australia. The team has a strong roster of riders that are competitive on both flat stages and in the mountains. Their vast experience provides great feedback for our development.

Nusantara Cycling Team

(UCI Continental Team)

The Nusantara Cycling team is an intercontinental team based around the members of the Indonesian national team. The team was founded in 2022 as a professional club. The team has achieved good results in amateur and professional races in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

CCN Factory Racing

(UCI Continental Team)

The CCN Factory Racing team is a team of international riders hailing from Belarus, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ukraine. The team often races in Europe and Asia and last year won a remarkable stage victory at the Tour of Poyang Lake.

Hengxiang Cycling Team

(UCI Continental Team)

The Hengxiang Cycling Team is a UCI Continental Team based out of the People’s Republic of China. The team has a long history of cycling culture. The sports director Li Fuyu was the first Chinese cyclist to ride in a world tour team. After his rich experience, he founded the team, which at the time was one of the first UCI Continental Teams in the PRC.

Wuzhishan Cycling Team

(UCI Continental Team)

In order to promote the further development of Chinese cycling, the UCI increased the number of Chinese teams to 16 from 10 in 2023. One of these new teams is the Wuzhishan Cycling Team. The team aims to nurture talent from the Chinese island of Hainan and beyond to compete on an international level.

Huansheng - SCOM - Taishan Sport Team

(UCI Continental Team)

The Huansheng - SCOM - Taishan Sport Team (Formerly known as CCN-Pardus) had a long string of victories in 2022. For 2023 SCOM has become a title sponsor of the team, reaffirming SCOM’s commitment to product development through racing.

iGPSport Pardus Cycling Team

A team of heavy-hitters and strong sprinters on the Chinese racing scene. Able to use their strong roster of sprinters to dominate crit racing, but also with a star climber Chen Liangqiong who is able to support the teams goals on mountainous stages.